Tinnitus Management

Need relief from your Tinnitus symptoms?



Do you often hear these sounds:
ringing, clicking, roaring or hissing?


You aren't alone! Tinnitus is a common problem that affects 1 in 5 people and nearly 10% of the adult population in America.

One of the most surprising things about about tinnitus is that everyone reacts to it differently. For some, it can be an extremely debilitating problem while in others it is just a slight annoyance. In fact, Jennifer Waddell, the owner of Sound Hearing Care, struggles with tinnitus herself and understands how it impacts your life.

No matter how much or little tinnitus is affecting you the bottom line is you don't have to just "live" with the effects of tinnitus.  In addition to behavioral therapy options through a doctor, there are new and exciting technologies Sound Hearing Care can offer you to help manage the ringing in your ears. 


We are a PROUD Certified Tinnitus Care Provider!


We are also a  gold member of the American Tinnitus Association which leads in training and research for those treating and struggling with tinnitus.  There are many great articles for managing tinnitus on their website.

This means that we stay current on all tinnitus research and hearing technology so that you offer you the VERY BEST OPTIONS for tinnitus control and management. 



 Tinnitus Questionnaire

There are many different causes of tinnitus so the first step in discovering how to treat your tinnitus is to schedule an evaluation and review your tinnitus questionnaire with you. Take a few moments to review our initial tinnitus questionnaire. You can also print out a copy of our questionnaire to take with you to your consultation. 



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