Hearing Aid Fitting - Personalized Care


You've noticed a change ...
But is it really hearing loss?


Relationships are built upon communication and connection. So much of your life depends on being able to interact with people and the world around you. Sound is what adds dimension and joy to your life.

We're here to help you or your loved ones rediscover that joy! We are passionate about our expertise in hearing care, our hearing tests and the hearing aid brands that we select to help you start your hearing journey.

It starts with a COMPLETE evaluation; not just a hearing test. This is where we LISTEN to you talk about your life and your needs so that we can recommend the best solution for you.

What to expect during a hearing evaluation:

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When you arrive at our office, you will be greeted by our friendly office staff. If you did not complete your patient forms prior to your visit, you will be asked to fill out those forms.

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We will perform a variety of audiological tests to determine what hearing loss you are experiencing. Rest assured, these hearing tests are painless and non-invasive.

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We will go over personal information with you and one of our hearing professionals will ask you questions about the situations and environments in which you are having hearing issues.

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Finally, we will review your test results with you and have a conversation about the best treatment options for you!

We offer COMPLETE hearing evaluations!


When we say COMPLETE, we mean it!

As South Carolina Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists, we offer the most comprehensive hearing services in South Carolina. By using a battery of audiological tests to arrive at the degree, type and configuration of the hearing impairment, we pinpoint exactly where the difficulty resides in the auditory system.

Simply put, our focus and passion lies in providing the appropriate rehabilitative treatment - not just selling you hearing aids. Beware of the “Free Hearing Test" which may not be a true hearing evaluation, but rather a cursory screening by a salesperson whose only goal is to sell hearing aids.