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Untreated hearing loss increases risk of dying earlier, study finds

Did you know that treating your hearing loss could actually help you live longer?

A study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that older Americans with untreated hearing loss were more likely to die younger than counterparts with no hearing loss.

After adjustments for other risk factors, scientists found that hearing loss may be associated with a 39 percent and 21 percent increased risk of earlier death in individuals with moderate or severe hearing loss respectively, compared with individuals without hearing loss.

This finding doesn’t necessarily mean that hearing impairment causes early death, but it could be a factor related with other cognitive, mental and physical functions, study authors said.

Hearing Aids Could Help

Similarly, another study in Iceland studied early death risk in men with hearing loss and found that those who wore hearing aids did not experience increased risk of dying early.

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Ashleigh Stoia