Accessories & Batteries

You just got your hearing aids... now what?


Are you overwhelmed with how many accessories and batteries there are to choose from?

You are just starting to enjoy hearing again and you find out there's a huge list of accessories you might need for your new hearing aids. 



Save on batteries!

Batteries are only $30 for a 60 pack and are quality, long lasting batteries.  Stop by today to purchase yours and save that hard earned money.

Extend the of your hearing aids!



Extend the of your hearing aids!

SMALL, PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE!  DRY-GO UV™ helps your hearing aids perform at their best. The easy-to-use DRY-GO UV dries and sanitizes hearing aids and ear molds in just 3 hours. Daily use results in improved acoustic performance, better reliability, and better ear hygiene.  Learn more by clicking here

Don't worry!

We can help you walk through what accessories you probably want to think about right away and what hearing aid accessories you can hold-off on. There's more good news for you too! While some maintenance is necessary for your hearing devices, upkeep isn't costly or complicated with Sound Hearing Care!


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