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We accept most major credit cards, and we also offer Wells Fargo financing for your new hearing aids and instruments.

0% terms can be chosen for 12 to 24 months to enable peace of mind should you need additional time.  If you are interested in financing your hearing aids and/or instruments, we will provide you with all the information necessary during your appointment so you can start your journey to better hearing right away!



Sound Hearing Care will gladly submit claims for your insurance company, and upon the terms of your policy they will send your payment for the benefit amount. If you have any questions about your insurance, please call our clinic and we will confirm your benefits.

Important to note: Insurance companies do not typically give an exact amount they will actually pay, they simply give the vague term “usual and customary” amount. Therefore, we require full payment at the time service is provided. If necessary, we can offer 0% financing programs at this time, until your benefit is paid.  

If you have questions about insurance payment at any time, feel free to ask and we will be happy to answer them.

Federal BCBS  offers superb hearing benefits of $2500 every 3 years.

Federal BCBS offers superb hearing benefits of $2500 every 3 years.


Experience peace of mind with one of the LONGEST return policies available in the Upstate 90 day return policy after your fitting. Our goal is for you to get the best hearing care possible and to partner with you throughout the process!


Don't let fear of the cost stop you from better hearing.

We offer packages to suit every budget.



Hearing Packages:

We Offer Affordable & Transparent Hearing Healthcare

If you're anything like most of clients that walk through our door looking to purchase hearing aids, it's often the cost of hearing aids that keeps them from being able to improve their hearing. Let's be honest. While technology and the quality of hearing aid products should be considered, cost will always be a HUGE factor in most people's decision making.

So that's where Sound Hearing Care comes in. Our goal is not just educate you as consumer hearing care billing practices, but also create a relationship with our patients that starts with us providing expert hearing aid fitting/services and continues over the years by our investment in each of our patient's overall long term  hearing care.


This is why at Sound Hearing Care we have billing models that will lower the up-front cost of hearing aids and associated services, enabling more in the Upstate to affordable hearing care:

Peace of Mind Package

Our Peace of Mind Package is all-inclusive and includes additional services and fees. With a ‘peace of mind package’, Sound Hearing Care includes a certain number of visits over a certain time period. The terms and the service plan would be added to the purchase agreement as an additional purchase. The agreement clearly shows the fee for the hearing aids, the fee for services provided and time frame for prepaid services.

This package includes: all services, cleanings, adjustments for up to 5 years on your new hearing aid.

Pay as you Go Package

In our Pay as you Go Package, the cost of the hearing aid(s) is separate from the cost of additional services the professional provides. You may choose just the services you need, as you need them. 

Whether you are concerned about your budget or just not sure how much additional services you will need, this package option allows you to pay as you go knowing that we are here to help along journey to better hearing!

This package includes: the cost of hearing aid & 3 visits including the fitting appointment.


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