Can Singing Carols Help Your Hearing?

Music training keeps the hearing brain young

So Christmas caroling is probably not going to prevent hearing loss, however, multiple studies show a benefit to music training to lessen the effect of age-related hearing loss, says The Hearing Journal.

Music appears to strengthen the aspects of sound processing that are common in age-related hearing loss. One study showed that older adults with musical training had larger, more consistent and more accurate neural responses to speech than non-musicians with normal hearing or hearing loss.

So far there haven’t been many studies into using music training to help older adults maintain hearing abilities in the brain, but work is beginning. In June 2017, preliminary, and promising, results were presented in an ongoing study related to musical interventions for older adults.

Music adds much to life and engaging in training now could have positive benefits beyond those you might expect. Ongoing research suggests musical training as a strategy to supplement amplification and aural rehabilitation to improve hearing health in older adults.

So go out there and make a joyful noise this holiday season. Your ears may thank you!

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Laura Berry