Not sure if you have hearing loss?

There’s a quick way to see if you MIGHT need a professional evaluation…

Take a free, 5 minute online hearing test to determine if you could benefit from a comprehensive test and evaluation from one of our Upstate hearing care professionals at Sound Hearing Now.

Although seeking the help of a hearing care professional should be a priority if you suspect you have hearing loss, this quick 5 minute test will help you determine whether you or your loved one could benefit from a more comprehensive test.  This online hearing test will take you through a brief questionnaire and different listening scenarios. It is recommended that you take the test away from any distractions or loud noises so choose a quiet environment. If you have headphones it is also suggested that you use them instead of your built-in computer speakers.

Here’s the link to online test:

After you take this test, if you realize that you may have hearing loss contact us! We can schedule a complete hearing evaluation and help you start your journey to better healing right away! For more information about our comprehensive evaluation, click here.

Laura Berry