"The Talk"

3 tips for talking to loved ones about hearing loss

Talking about hearing loss with a loved one can seem difficult but here are three tips to help you both have a positive experience.

Coping with hearing loss can be difficult for patients and loved ones. Grieving can be a natural part of that process.


1) Right Time, Right Place

This topic isn’t best for a quick chat or for a place where the person with hearing loss may have trouble communicating. It also is not best “in the moment” when you are having a communication issue. Choose a quiet, private place to talk. Choose a time when stress is lower and people are more open to talking.


2) Assume They Know

More than likely your loved one knows they are having trouble communicating clearly. In addition, surveys show that people are more likely to seek treatment when someone they love is affected by their hearing loss.

Try breaking the ice by making an observation like, “I noticed you were having trouble hearing the waitress” or “I noticed your TV is very loud.” Ask about ways they have tried to address it and invite them to make an appointment with a professional.


3) Be There for Them

Having someone to lean on as you walk through hearing loss is very important. Also, learning all you can about how to help will make communication better for both of you. Let your loved one express his or her concerns without interrupting or immediately offering advice.

Offer to go to the audiologist appointment with them. Take notes and ask questions. Show them you are there every step of the way.


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Article from https://www.healthyhearing.com/report/51831-5-tips-for-talking-to-your-loved-one-about-hearing-loss

Laura Berry