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Many patients call me and tell me that they are with United Healthcare and that they have hearing benefits.  Sadly, I know this path and the road which they will go long before they do.  They think that United Healthcare is looking out for them and offering this amazing deal on hearing aids.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with Hi Health for my patients in Greenville.

Only approximately 10% of insurance actually has a benefit towards hearing aids and in the past, United Health Care was one of those providers.  In 2012 they decided to change the system and offer mail order hearing devices and cancel their benefits.   Shortly after Hi Health Innovations asked persons to take an on-line hearing test and the FDA had to send them a cease and desist order to stop this poor practice.  Due to the FDA they were required to get real hearing tests, but they did not have to offer local providers.

When you look at the pricing or you call in you may think, wow what a good deal.  What most patients don’t understand is that these products aren’t current and advanced technology, made from one of the 6 hearing aid manufacturers.  What Hi Health offers is a privately made very rudimentary hearing aid with simple technology.  You send them the audiogram and they mail the devices to you, the devices aren’t properly programmed by local experts.  You do not have a local professional ensuring they are correctly programmed and fit your needs.  So when you aren’t happy and need an adjustment, you have to ship them to them for programming and just how exactly can they fix the issues, with out confirming it’s right.  You also do not have local service and care when problems arise.

One may also say that they have great reviews online, but what they may not notice is that all the review are on their website, not anywhere else.  It was be more legitimate and more believable if they weren’t posted themselves.  The real feedback from most patients that have tried these devices have been negative.  Here is what was posted by the asha organization when reviewing these devices.

You can find this info at http://www.asha.org/Advocacy/hi-HealthInnovations-and-UnitedHealthcare-Hearing-Benefit/


Also note the United Health Care owns Hi Health Innovations, so they are charging you for insurance, and then making a profit off hearing aids.  They quit covering the benefit and now make more money.  Not looking out for your best interests in our opinion.

With Sound Hearing Care, you have local service, proper programming, the latest and most advanced technology from a reputable manufacturer and great pricing.  Costs of hearing aids through Sound Hearing Care ranges from $899 and up.  Call and schedule your appointment today and see how the professionals here at Sound Hearing Care can get you back on the road to good hearing health!

Laura Berry