Summer Hearing Tips Greenville

Are you ready for the sounds of summer?

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Make sure they are not too loud!  Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common types of hearing loss
– and it is mostly preventable.  Here are some tips to keep your ears healthy and protected this season.

Concerts:  Outdoor concerts are a great way to celebrate summer, but they can be a great way to ruin your hearing as well. Pack a few earplugs the next time you head to a summer music festival or concert. This is especially important for children, who are extra vulnerable to noise-induced hearing loss.

Lawn equipment:  It’s important to keep your lawn in shape, but it’s also important to keep your ears in shape too. Sound from lawnmowers can reach 107 dB, which is well above the 90 dB limitat which prolonged exposure can lead to hearing loss. Those are some Dangerous Decibels! Wear ear protection while mowing the lawn. Headset-worn ear protection can be found at your local hardware store.
Sound Hearing Care can also make you custom hearing protection, you’ll find them more comfortable and perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Swimming and water sports:  Most hearing aids are designed to be water resistant, but they aren’t entirely waterproof. You can have them on in the rain or on a sailing trip – but take them off when you swim. If you take them off at the beach or pool, make sure to keep them in a case where they are protected and cannot get lost.

Sweat: Summer is a time for sun – and sweat. Luckily, your hearing aids are designed to handle sweat and daily moisture. To keep them in top shape, consider the DRY-GO UV drying station.

Sunscreen: It is important to protect yourself from the sun this summer. Be careful with your hearing aids when applying sunscreen to your ears, though. While hearing aids are designed to be protected from most elements, it can still be a sticky situation if you get too much sunscreen on them.

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Laura Berry