Greenville: beware of low price ads

Low Priced Hearing Aid Ads

I saw an ad locally in Greenville the other day that advertised a very low priced hearing aid for only $750 an ear.  For the uninformed buyer it would seem great, since most hearing instruments go for more.  The ad shows “a new kind of digital hearing device that rests comfortably hidden in your ear canal so it is virtually invisible*.  Volt (changing name for discretion) is a great solution if you are trying hearing aids for the first time.”  What it doesn’t state is that this device is simply an amplifier, it makes ALL sounds louder, not clearer.  It’s not an true hearing instrument and is designed for those not ready for hearing aids.  If you have a hearing deficit beyond a minor loss, this is not really a good fit for you.   Basically, it’s a very expensive amplifier, which will not solve the issue of clarity in background noise and for those needing more amplification.

While the product is great for those with minor hearing loss, most in the industry know this as a “bait and switch tactic” and the low price is to attract your attention and get you in the door.  Oh, the ads protect themselves by telling you exactly what model was being sold at the low price in fine print, but you are in the office getting quoted $6000 for hearing aids before you figure it out.  Grandma’s advice that if it’s too good to be true, it usually is!

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Laura Berry