Minor hearing loss in younger adults changes brain function, study finds

Early hearing damage could mean worse language comprehension with age

Cranking up the music might have some short-term appeal, but the risks are more serious than previously thought. In a new study from The Ohio State University, young people with minor hearing loss (so minor that they aren’t even aware of it), are using parts of their brains that wouldn’t normally be used until later in life—and this is not necessarily a good thing.

In typical young brains, the left side of the brain does all of the work in processing language. But in respondents with subtle hearing loss, researchers found activity in the right side of the brain as well.

“This isn’t about the ear – it’s about the brain, the cognitive process, and it shouldn’t be happening until people are at least older than 50,” said lead researcher Yune Lee, an assistant professor of speech and hearing science at Ohio State.

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Laura Berry