The cool thing about roosters' ears...

You may have seen the recent article circulating the Internet about roosters but just in case you haven't, we wanted to share with you an interesting study conducted on rooster's ears. Yes, you read that right! 

A rooster's crow can reach over 140 decibels -- so how do they keep from losing their hearing?

In case you don't know how LOUD 140 decibels is -- it's enough to completely shatter a human eardrum. According to a recent article by Science here's what they discovered about a rooster's ear.

"A rooster’s ear is incredibly technically advanced. When their beaks are fully open, soft tissue moves to cover half their eardrum, while a quarter of the ear canal itself closes off. They also found that the slit which causes their outer ear canal to close doesn’t exist in hens—the hens' ear canals narrows in response to loud sounds like rooster calls, but it doesn't actually close. The roosters don’t deafen all the hens within earshot because the damaging effects diminish significantly with even a few feet of distance, and because birds are capable of regenerating damaged inner ear cells in a way mammals are not, according to Science."

For more information about Science Magazine's study or to read the full article, click here.