Tinnitus Devices & Habituation




 the action of habituating or the condition of being habituated.


    the diminishing of a physiological or emotional response to a frequently repeated stimulus.

Solutions-Digital Instruments for Tinnitus

Even a minor hearing loss can throw off the brain.  When hearing loss is present (found to be approx. 90% of the time), hearing instruments are among the most effective means of the reducing the perception of tinnitus.  Hearing aids don’t eliminate tinnitus, however most patients report a decrease in the loudness or disturbing quality of the tinnitus.  It has been found that actually 70% of those with a hearing loss actually have tinnitus.  Habituation options are available on the instruments used at Sounds Hearing Care and can really help those struggling with bothersome tinnitus.

Hearing loss can cause Tinnitus

Up to 90 % of tinnitus is caused by the deprivation of auditory input, aka hearing loss.   You see, it’s not your ears that hear, but your brain and when hearing loss is present, the brain is depleted of important signals.  Therefore, the brain replaces the hearing loss internally by filling in the void of frequencies, aka the ringing.

Treating Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

When hearing loss is present, the new hearing from hearing instruments reconnect the auditory nervous system of the brain and has a long-term beneficial effect on tinnitus.  With hearing aid amplification, external sounds can provide sufficient activation of the auditory nervous system and reduce the tinnitus perception.  It’s found that approximately 60% of patients find that just simply wearing hearing aids and reconnecting the brain with proper amplification is enough to reduce their tinnitus.  Approximately 40% find adding fractal tones helps lessen their tinnitus more so. Studies have found that 75% of patients who used fractal tones found a decrease in their reaction and tinnitus itself after 2 months. *

For example, the Zen tinnitus program in Widex hearing instruments are designed with the tinnitus patient in mind.  To obtain good results you must use these devices daily and will be adapted to the needs of patient. Wearing the hearing aid must become second nature to you, even though it is just one element of the therapy.

Hearing aid expert Jennifer Waddell currently recommends some great tinnitus applications and can meet with you to discuss your options.  See below for helpful videos on one of the best choices for tinnitus therapy.