Could Your Diet be Making Your Tinnitus Worse?

Sufferers of chronic tinnitus will do almost anything for some relief. While there is no scientific proof that certain foods can make your tinnitus worse, some tinnitus sufferers will testify that their tinnitus is always worse after they eat specific foods.

One thing is known – drinking alcohol is proven to make tinnitus worse.

People who have been diagnosed with tinnitus should try to avoid drinking alcohol. If you do drink alcohol, try to limit it to special occasions, and be aware that your tinnitus will probably be worse after.

How can you determine what foods make your tinnitus worse?

Most doctors will recommend a food journal to help figure out what foods, or even spices, make your tinnitus worse. It may be time-consuming, but won’t it be helpful if you know what foods or spices to avoid and it improves your quality of life? Every person’s body is different; therefore, each person will have different foods that their body reacts to and this is why a food diary is important. Each day write down every detail about what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and make sure to include any added spices and the brand of food if it was packaged. This is important because certain packaged foods have added preservatives.

What’s the next step after creating a food journal?

If you notice a difference in your tinnitus symptoms after a specific meal or day of meals, write it down. After some time, you may notice a pattern of certain foods that increase your tinnitus symptoms. If you notice a connection between foods or spices and your tinnitus, you can take a little control and remove those things from your diet. The most important thing is to feed your body with a diet that doesn’t aggravate your tinnitus. It may mean giving up that glass of red wine with dinner, coffee at breakfast, or even removing cheese or red meat from your diet. Your food journal might reveal that your diet doesn’t trigger your tinnitus symptoms at all, but without creating the journal you wouldn’t know that.

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food journal

If your tinnitus seems to get worse with different foods you eat, then it is important to create a food journal to track what foods cause your tinnitus to get worse.

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