Hearing Loss and the Workplace: How You Can Help Your Coworkers

Businessman Trying to Hear - Isolated

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Hearing loss affects people of all ages and backgrounds. It is an assumption that it can only affect people that are constantly surrounded by noise, but even in quiet offices many people silently suffer from hearing loss. Many people hide their hearing loss from their coworkers, which can lead to uncomfortable situations if you can’t understand what someone is saying to you.

What are some signs of hearing loss?

As a concerned coworker, you can look for some of the signs of hearing loss, such as if someone consistently asks to repeat statements or questions.

Here are a few other signs to watch for:

  • Incorrect work turned in if instructions were misheard and the employee typically turns in stellar assignments

  • Repeatedly asking individuals to speak louder

  • Misunderstood conversations

  • Failing to hear other’s address them

  • Avoiding large gatherings where there could be an excessive amount of background noise

  • Increasing the volume on their computer speakers or mobile phone to the point that it disrupts others

  • Noticeably straining to hear when others speak

How can you help coworkers that have hidden hearing loss?

Helping employees be comfortable in their work environment is part of a manager’s job, as well as a peer’s job. There are many ways that you can help coworkers with hearing loss, without putting them on the spot:

  • Take notes during meetings and offer to make copies for anyone that would like to review what was discussed

  • Encourage people to take turns talking so conversations don’t get misheard

  • During large meetings, have speakers use a microphone so everyone can hear from all parts of the room

  • Offer the use of noise-reduction headphones so people can concentrate on their work easier in noisy offices

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