Hearing the March Madness Games

Let the madness begin!

Every March, friends and family gather to watch their favorite college basketball teams compete in the March Madness tournament. For people with hearing loss, that can be challenging hearing the announcers whether watching the games at home or in a sports bar. In the comfort of your own home, you can increase the TV volume to a level that is comfortable for you; however, in someone else’s home or in a sports bar you don’t have that choice and are often competing with background noise.

Did you know that Widex has hearing aid accessories that can help you hear those games!

Widex TV Play


The Widex TV Play provides direct stereo streaming to your hearing aids. It’s sleek, small design can easily be set up behind your TV and controlled with the Widex TV Play app installed on your smart phone or tablet. It is easy to set up, has a dual antenna, and works well with your EVOKE hearing aids. You can control the TV Play volume as well as the background noise. Widex TV Play is a perfect addition to your home media room! While visiting friends and family for the March Madness games, bring the Widex TV Play with you and set it up in minutes so you can enjoy hearing the games as well.

The month March we are offering a FREE TV Play with your new Widex Bluetooth hearing aid purchase! So, schedule an appointment today so you don’t miss this great offer available through March 31st, 2019!

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