Routine Hearing Checkups - How Often Should You Have One?

It’s important to have your hearing tested periodically to detect any changes to your hearing health.

Even if you aren’t experiencing any noticeable changes in your hearing, hearing loss often happens slowly and goes unnoticed. With routine checks, you can catch these changes in your hearing early and begin treatment to help improve your overall health. So how often should you go?

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The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals ( generally recommends the below schedule for hearing checkups:

Age Range                 How often

18 to 45 year olds        Every 5 years

45 to 60 year olds        Every 3 years

60 years plus               Every 2 years

It’s important to note that your individual circumstances may vary, and this is only a guideline. Contact Sound Hearing Care for an appointment today for a checkup and to discuss how often you should consider getting your hearing checked based on your situation. With 4 convenient hearing treatment locations including Simpsonville, Greer, Travelers Rest, and Greenville, Sound Hearing Care is sure to have a convenient location near you!