Nathan Witherell

I first met Jennifer at a gun show in Greenville. She did a test and stated that my left ear hearing high pitch is totally gone. I have not heard so many sounds in 35 years. We went to her the next week to see about getting some hearing aids. She worked so hard at getting me to where I could hear. With so much damage to my left ear with her knowledge and programming she got it so that I can hear with this ear. She moved the pitches around so that I can now hear sounds that I haven’t heard in years. I can even understand words of songs now. She is a miracle worker at hearing aid programming. She worked hard for 3 visits to get me the best hearing I have had in over 40 years.

I drove 3 hours one way to go see her and it was well worth every mile I drove. I can hear so many things that I have missed over the years. She was so knowledgeable and diligent getting me to where I can now understand what people say, listen to music and understand the words, even
birds singing. I know it will help me with hunting being able to hear all the natural sounds in the woods.