Try before you Buy!

Where to begin…

Do you find yourself you need your hearing tested? Do you have old hearing aids and are considering an upgrade or simply want to try hearing aids and see how well they work. Or maybe you or a loved one were recently told you need hearing aids, now what? Whatever hearing needs you have Sound Hearing Care can help!

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Try the hearing aids for 2 weeks free.

It’s a little overwhelming making such a huge purchase and we want to give you peace of mind! The old saying “the proof is in the pudding” relates to hearing aids as well. When you visit Sound Hearing you will be given the opportunity to try the latest technology free of charge. Test them out playing bridge, a round of golf, at church or out to dinner. We will give you 2 weeks to try your new hearing aids for free to see if they improve your quality of life and your hearing too!

Make the first step!

Invest in yourself, your worth it! Schedule your free consultation today and be hearing the world as soon as tomorrow.