Remove distracting noise without using noise-canceling headphones

stressed businesswoman

Do you wear noise canceling headphones at work?

Most office worker’s chief complaint is noise within their workplace disrupting them from completing their assignments. The typical solution for this is to wear noise canceling headphones, which emit an anti-noise signal to block out external sounds. Using headphones for long periods of time can become uncomfortable and even harmful to our hearing.

What if you could cancel out the background noise without those annoying headphones?

At the University of Illinois, researchers are developing alternatives to cancel exterior noise without using headphones. The research has led him to develop a process which uses an IoT (internet of things) microphone and ear-device. For example, the location of Shelly’s office within her office building she hears a lot of loud conversations as people walk by and it is a constant distraction from her work. If she places the IoT microphone at her office door, it captures and sends the sound wirelessly to an ear-device Shelly is wearing behind her ear. The ear-device captures the sound later, which allows it to cancel the noise out before Shelly would have heard it if she wasn’t using this technology.

If the amount of noise in your workplace is causing you to wearing noise-canceling headphones, it is time to reach out to a hearing specialist at Sound Hearing Care to discuss alternative options for the workplace that won’t negatively affect your hearing. Come see us in any of our four convenient locations in Simpsonville, Greer, Travelers Rest, and Greenville.