1 in 3 People Aged 65 or Older Has an Age-Related Hearing Loss

Study finds high prevalence of age-related hearing loss.

While it is not surprising that the prevalence of hearing loss increases as you grow older, a new study has found the rate to be nearly 30 percent for those over age 65.

Age-related hearing loss can have various causes, but as people reach later life it is more common.

More Men than Women

The Rotterdam Study of 4,743 persons age 50 and older found that among those above the age of 65 the prevalence of hearing loss higher than 35 db was 30 percent. With men showing a 33 percent chance and women at almost 29 percent.

The study was made between 2011 and 2015 and originally appeared in the journal Laryngoscope in March 2017

Signs to Watch For

If you or a loved one is over age 65 or experiencing any of the symptoms below, contact us at Sound Hearing Care today for a hearing evaluation or take our 5-minute hearing quiz.

  • • Difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds such as female or children’s voices
  • • Difficulty hearing with background noise, such as at a restaurant or party
  • • Loss of daily sounds such as birds singing or appliance beeps
  • • Turning up the volume on tv or radio
  • • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • • Ringing ears
Laura Berry