Hearing Loss in the Holidays

Simple tips to improve your holiday gathering for loved ones with hearing loss.

As the holiday season arrives, you are likely planning family get-togethers or social gatherings. If you or a loved one has hearing loss, these events can be a challenge.

Sometimes the difficulty of hearing in a social gathering can cause withdrawal and even lead to depression.  Sound Hearing Now encourages you to consider these simple tips to provide support and encourage everyone to have a merry holiday season.

  • Pay attention. If you notice a loved one not participating in the conversation, he or she may be struggling to keep up with what is being said.  Help guide them back into the discussion.
  • Turn it down. While background music can add to a festive environment, consider turning it down or off when you want people to converse. Background noise can be a big challenge for people with hearing loss.
  • About face. Individuals with hearing loss communicate more easily when they can see facial expression and mouths of those speaking.
  • Stay close. When speaking with a friend or family member with hearing loss remember to get close. Perhaps touch their arm or hand before you speak to show them you want their attention.

Do you or someone you love struggle to hear during social gatherings? If so, you may be experiencing communication issues due to hearing loss. Click here to make an appointment with Sound Hearing Now at one our convenient locations in the Upstate today!

Laura Berry