Adam Savage from MythBuster’s Raves About Widex Evoke

Adam Savage, from the Discovery Channel TV show MythBuster’s and founder of the Tested podcast, has been very vocal about his hearing loss and recently switched to the Widex Evoke hearing aids. According to Adam, the difference is astounding!

Adam works in Hollywood as a special effect’s creator and TV host for MythBuster’s, but it was a congenital disability in his Eustachian tubes that caused his hearing loss. He has been wearing hearing aids for about a decade, and he was amazed at the differences in his life after he began wearing hearing aids. For so long, he was going through life and not enjoying it to the fullest because he couldn’t hear what was going on around him. Once he started wearing his first pair of hearing aids, he says,

They improved my mood when I was going out, and they improved my desire to go do things. Seriously, that’s how much hearing loss can sequester you away from the world. ~Adam Savage

Adam likes to upgrade to new hearing aids every 4-5 years so he can enjoy the latest hearing aid technology. His new hearing aids, the Widex Evoke, are much more precise than any of his previous hearing aids and they give him a much more comprehensive sonic range. He says that music sounds better and he loves that he can adjust what he hears from them.

When I go into a sonically toxic environment, like a bar or a restaurant, which is really the most difficult for any of us with hearing loss, I can pull out the app which lets me adjust the left and right balance, the high-end the low-end. We’re all missing different parts of our hearing. Most hearing loss is the high-end, that’s what gets lost. For me, it’s actually most of the low end that I’ve lost, which is harder for hearing aids to replicate. However, when I’m sitting there in a bar, I can A/B test different sonic environments to choose and refine the best one for me being able to hear the person in front of me. In fact, I can even use my phone as a remote microphone and place it across the table if I’m having trouble hearing someone. ~ Adam Savage

Watch the video as Adam Savage discusses his hearing loss and his positive experience using the Widex Evoke hearing aids.


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