Could Widex Custom be the hearing aid you’ve been looking for?

Do you ever find your hearing aid uncomfortable and remove it?

When it comes to finding great customized hearing aids, Widex Custom is the perfect hearing aid for every ear shape and size because it made to fit your ear exactly. The Widex Custom In-The-Ear Hearing Aid fits comfortably in your ear so you can wear it for so long that you may even forget that it’s there!

Senior Woman Inserts Hearing Aid

So, how is this amazing in-the-ear hearing aid created?

Widex Custom uses Camisha –the advanced laser technology developed by Widex– which designs the in-the-ear hearing aid to fit your ear perfectly. And even better, you can customize the controls and adjust the settings to what is best for you! Just like other Widex hearing aids, Widex Custom captures a wide range of sounds and adjusts for each situation so you hear the right sound at the correct time and place.

Find out what people are describing as the most comfortable hearing aid they have every worn!

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