Heart Health and Hearing Health – Are You Taking Precautions?

February is Heart Health month, and it is a time to think about our own heart health. Heart disease and hearing loss affect millions of Americans yearly. Did you know that if you have cardiovascular issues, you are three times more likely to have hearing loss?

There is a connection between heart health and hearing loss.

The blood that flows throughout our body not only plays a role in our heart health, but our hearing health as well. Inadequate blood flow can cause both heart and hearing issues. Impaired cardiovascular health negatively affects both the peripheral and central auditory system. While genetics can be the underlying cause of both conditions, there are many things you can do to prevent them.

Here are a few tips to help with heart disease prevention:

  • Use less salt – Seasoning food with spices such as oregano or cumin are fantastic alternatives instead of salt.

  • Eat lean meat – Opting for leaner cuts of meat, such as chicken breast, or trimming the fat off of meat prior to cooking or eating can help reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed into your body.

  • Walk daily – Making physical activity part of your daily routine not only is good for your heart, but for the rest of your body and mind as well.

Here are a few tips for hearing loss prevention:

  • Use ear protection – When participating in noisy situations, protect your ears with noise cancelling headphones.

  • Have close conversations – Whether at home or out in public, talk to people close to you instead of in another room.

  • Exercise regularly – Cardiovascular exercise (approved by your physician) increases blood flow throughout your body.

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