Hearing Loss in Children: Strategies for Better Communication

Today’s children are busier than ever and are constantly surrounded by distractions. Communicating with children can be challenging, more so when the child has a hearing loss. As a caregiver, there are times that can be very frustrating when you can’t get your child’s attention or difficulties having your child understand you. There are things you can do to help make communicating with your hearing impaired child easier. For example, when you go out somewhere with your child you should consider the noise, light, and distance.

Noise and Communicating with Children

Noise can be quiet, loud, steady, or dynamic. Places where the sounds are quiet and steady tend to be less distracting for children versus loud and dynamic noises. To avoid loud and dynamic noises to help improve communication with your hearing-impaired child, try going to restaurants or other public places at odd times instead of peak times.

Lighting and Communicating with Children

Children with a hearing impairment often look at the face of the person who is speaking to help them understand what is being said. If a child can’t see your face because of poor lighting then it will make communication more difficult. Try to always stand in the light so your child can see your face and what you are saying. Always make sure to face your child and talk slow enough that you can articulate what you are saying.

Distance and Communicating with Children

As children grow, they tend to want more independence playing farther away from their caregivers. For children with a hearing impairment, to maintain good communication it’s important for caregivers to reduce that distance. For example, instead of trying to talk to your child from another room in your home walk to the room they are in and speak to them.

Watch the video below for more detailed information about communicating with your hearing-impaired child.


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Young man and his son with hearing aid at home

If you are struggling to communicate with your hearing impaired child, we are here to help make things easier for both you and your child. Contact Sound Hearing Care at 864-881-1663 to schedule an appointment.