Sonic Captivate Lithium Rechargeable Hearing Aids

We are offering an amazing deal on the new Sonic Captivate Lithium Rechargeable Hearing Aids!

Here’s what you need to know about the ALL NEW Captivate Bluetooth Hearing Aids:

  • Uses innovative technology that allows patient to hear natural sounds.

  • Provides a even more personalized hearing experience than ever before!

  • Better feedback & background noise control.

  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery offering a full day of power on a single charge, even while streaming TV, music and more!

  • 2.4 GHz direct audio streaming and fast ear-to-ear communication.

 For a limited time, you pay ONLY $2990!

Keep in mind, we are also offering:

  • 0% financing available

  • 2 week Free Demo

  • 90 day money back guarantee