Accidental Triumph over Tinnitus

Tinnitus plagues millions of Americans daily. Also known a Meniere’s disease, it is a disorder of the inner ear that causes a constant high-pitched ringing that doesn’t ever go away. There is no cure for it and people who suffer from it are told that they have to just learn to deal with it.

For Glenn Schweitzer, he couldn’t remember a time when he didn’t hear the ringing in his ears. When he was first diagnosed with Tinnitus, he was under a lot of stress and used meditation to cope with it. He had a difficult time focusing on his breathing with the loud ringing in his ears. He knew that medication was the practice of focusing one’s attention onto a single point of awareness, such as breathing. He wondered if focusing on the ringing in his ears instead of trying to ignore it quiet the annoying sound. He was astounded when it worked and continued to work. To this day, he continues to practice tinnitus-focused meditation, which has decreased his stress levels and allowed him to sleep better. While there is no cure for Tinnitus, there is hope with tinnitus-focused meditation.

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