Seven tips to cope and avoid tinnitus

Tinnitus has no cure; however, there are several ways to manage it and things you can avoid to prevent it from happening to you or becoming worse.

  1. Prevention is best – While there is no specific reason why some people suffer from tinnitus and some don’t, what is known is that it can be prevented by avoiding noisy situations.

  2. Dial down the noise level – High levels of noise at work should be discussed with your employer and any ear device used, such as earphones, should be no louder than 60% of a device’s maximum volume and used sparingly.

  3. Check your hearing – Have your hearing checked starting at age 50 every two years. If you are under 50 and already experiencing tinnitus, have your hearing checked sooner.

  4. Is it your meds – Certain medications can cause temporary tinnitus, so check the side effects of the medication you take.

  5. Sort out your ear wax – Don’t ever shove an object deep into your ear, which can cause ear wax to become impacted.

  6. Manage the stress – Having tinnitus can become very stressful; however, it often improves over time when the brain begins to filter out the annoying sound.

  7. Sound enrichment – Adding external noise, such as listening to music on the radio or audiobooks can help distract the brain and mask the symptoms of tinnitus.

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