Making your child’s hearing health a top priority


Starting at a very early age, children imitate sounds as their first means of communication. When a child has a hearing impairment, learning to imitate sounds becomes very challenging in noisy situations such as daycares, play groups, and classrooms.

Early intervention is crucial, and can improve a child’s success rate dramatically.

Widex has developed a line of hearing aids for babies, children, and teenagers that are not only stylish, but have the most advanced sound quality that is available. When your child uses a Widex hearing aid, you can rest assure that they are having the most accurate hearing experiences, even in extremely noisy settings.

Does it matter where I get my Widex Hearing Aid?

Sure it may sound like we are just promoting ourselves but please remember, our experience shows without a doubt that a hearing aid is only as good as it’s programmer. So, even if you can’t use Sound Hearing Care, please pick a qualified and certified hearing aid programmer to ensure that you get the most optimal hearing experience possible for your child. You don’t just go to any dentist to put braces on your child and the same goes for hearing aids!

Learn more about Hearing Aids for Children and Support for Parents on the Widex site.

Contact Sound Hearing Care for an appointment for your child to be evaluated at any of our four convenient locations including Simpsonville, Greer, Travelers Rest, and Greenville.


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