Poor School Performance for Children is Linked to Hearing Loss

Focus on little child

Is your child currently performing poorly at school?

When poor school performance is mentioned it is often linked with behavioral issues or learning disabilities, such as ADD and ADHD. Children who have even a slight loss of hearing are at risk of falling behind by one to four grade levels when compared to their peers that have no hearing loss. Children with significant hearing loss are at risk of falling even farther behind.

Hearing loss in children can also lead them to have difficulty in social situations.

What can be done to help children with hearing loss?

According to a study released in February 2015, early intervention is crucial, because it can increase academic performance and social interactions with your child’s peers. Children whose parents are involved, in addition to early intervention, have a higher success rate of improving educationally and socially. Increased time spent reading also contributes to success overcoming hearing loss.

If your child is struggling in school combined with a family history of hearing loss or recurring ear infections, your child needs to be seen by a hearing specialist to be evaluated. Intervention and parental involvement both at school and at home is the best chance for success. Contact Sound Hearing Care for an appointment for your child to be evaluated at any of our four convenient locations including Simpsonville, Greer, Travelers Rest, and Greenville.