Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Hearing Aid

Whether you are choosing your first hearing aid or your fifth, deciding on one that you will be happy with for several years can be overwhelming. When you meet with a hearing care professional, it is good to go over all of your options to determine which will be the best for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and style. Keep these questions below in mind while picking out a hearing aid and it will help you select the one that is perfect for you!

Do I want to show off my hearing aid or keep it hidden?

While some people keep their hearing loss private, others comfortably discuss it with their family and friends. That is a choice that is completely up to you! Depending on your specific hearing loss and the options available, you can wear your hearing aid proudly for others to see or keep it hidden in your ear. There are even hearing aids in different colors and sizes. Think about if you want your hearing aid to make a statement about who you are or if you prefer to keep your hearing loss to yourself.

What kinds of environments and situations will I need my hearing aid the most?

Hearing aids are designed with all kinds of listening scenarios. There are some people that just need them to hear basic conversations and other people need them for loud social situations. Think about your lifestyle and what you like to do. Do you regularly attend concerts that contain a lot of background noise, do you network in groups for your business, or do you love going to sports games with your closest friends? Even if these activities aren’t frequent in your life, consider if you will have difficulty hearing in any of these conditions if your hearing aid can’t accommodate a lot of background noise.

Do I want to connect different technology to my hearing aid?

If you are an avid user of technology, then consider if you want to use your tablet or smartphone to control your hearing aids. Just think, you can control how you hear the sounds in each unique situation by making a simple adjustment in an app on your smartphone. And if you enjoy listening to music or watching TV, there are hearing aids that can connect directly via Bluetooth connection while you are at home.

How noisy is your work environment?

Do you work in a quiet office, or a loud warehouse? Do you attend a lot of meetings where there may be several conversations going at once? Depending on how noisy your work environment may be at times, consider looking at a hearing aid that can reduce background noise.

To determine which hearing aid will be the perfect one for you, contact Sound Hearing Care to schedule a consultation with one of our hearing care professionals. We have four convenient locations including Simpsonville, Greer, Travelers Rest, and Greenville.

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