Tips to Help Family and Friends with Hearing Loss Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays are a time to enjoy the company of family, friends, and coworkers. Many gatherings include a lot of people at parties hosted in houses, restaurants, and banquet halls. This can trigger stress for people with hearing loss because of the difficulty hearing conversations, and can also cause people to struggle communicating during social engagements. If you know someone at a party you are hosting or attending has hearing loss you can take the initiative to make them more comfortable.

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So, how can you help someone with hearing loss during the holiday season?

  • Be attentive – If you notice someone at a party remaining quiet or not engaging in conversation, take the time to make them comfortable and help bring them into the conversation.

  • Turn down the volume – Keep the music and TV volume at a reasonable level so people can hear each other during discussions.

  • Keep the room well lit – People with hearing loss often rely on seeing facial expressions and the mouths of people speaking, so keep the room well lit.

  • Speak clearly – Take your time speaking during conversation and speak clearly, which helps others hear you better.

  • Face the person – When you face people during conversation, it helps them hear what you are saying but also see your mouth and facial expressions.

  • Rephrase – If you think someone didn’t hear what you said, rephrase your statement so they can decipher the words you are saying.

  • Stay close – Avoid talking to people across the room or dinner table. Focus on talking to people near you so they can hear you better.

  • Seek them out – If you know someone at a holiday gathering is hearing impaired, seek them out to talk to them one-on-one.

  • Seat them next to someone who will be a patient advocate – If you are hosting a holiday party and there is someone hearing impaired, seat them next to a person that will ensure they are following the conversation and patient if they need assistance having things repeated.

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