Widex Evoke – the smart hearing aid that makes your life easier!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a hearing aid could adapt to each unique social setting and could enhance your listening experience?


Widex Evoke is designed to do just that—it evolves as you and others use it. As Widex Evoke encounters different listening situations, it learns the sounds and takes that anonymous data to create a wider range of hearing for all users. Evoke uses the new SoundSense Technology, which is the most advanced hearing aid technology ever. Widex Evoke users determine what sounds they prefer to hear using the Evoke hearing app on their smartphone, which means you can adjust your hearing aid in real-time and on-the-go. This means you won’t have to try to describe the sound back at the clinic to determine the adjustments needed for your hearing aid.

How fast can adjustments to your hearing aid be made?

So fast that it only takes clicking a couple buttons to make a change! The Widex Evoke smartphone app has an easy-to-use interface that has no complicated controls.  Then, this information is processed and Evoke can deliver more enhanced sounds to the user in a matter of a few seconds. When you use Evoke for an extended period of time, it will begin to predict your preferred sound settings for different listening situations. It’s the smart technology for hearing aids we’ve been waiting for!

To discuss the new Widex Evoke hearing aid and the advanced technology it uses, contact Sound Hearing Care for an appointment at one of our four convenient locations include Simpsonville, Greer, Travelers Rest, and Greenville.