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Bonnie Anderson

“Sound Hearing and Jenn provided excellent help and support for my hearing aid purchase. I was particularly pleased with the Widex brand. When I got home with my new hearing aids, I sat on the back porch. For the first time in years, I hear the wind blowing through the trees, the water lapping in the pool, crickets greeting the night, and even birds singing. It was like the world of my
youth revisited.”

-Bonnie Anderson

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Hannah Wyant

“After I was in a car accident back in May I suffered from Tinnitus and mild hearing loss. Jennifer fitted me for hearing aids to help mask the Tinnitus. They have worked perfectly so far and they were delivered in 3 days. Jennifer takes time with you to make sure they fit correctly and are set up correctly. She showed me how to use them and gave me a ton of information on Tinnitus and
my hearing aids.”

-Hannah Wyant

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Nathan Witherell

I first met Jennifer at a gun show in Greenville. She did a test and stated that my left ear hearing high pitch is totally gone. I have not heard so many sounds in 35 years. We went to her the next week to see about getting some hearing aids. She worked so hard at getting me to where I could hear. With so much damage to my left ear with her knowledge and programming she got it so that I

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