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Bonnie Anderson

“Sound Hearing and Jenn provided excellent help and support for my hearing aid purchase. I was particularly pleased with the Widex brand. When I got home with my new hearing aids, I sat on the back porch. For the first time in years, I hear the wind blowing through the trees, the water lapping in the pool, crickets greeting the night, and even birds singing. It was like the world of my
youth revisited.”

-Bonnie Anderson

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Jack Johnson

“It was a great pleasure to deal with Jennifer at Sound Hearing. I have had my hearing aids for about 8 months and am very pleased with them. I was having problems with certain sounds and especially with women’s voices. It was very difficult to hear anyone speak to me in a crowded room or a restaurant. In short order Jennifer determine where I needed hearing assistance. I selected the Widex 330 model and am very pleased with it. I was amazed at how much better I could hear especially in crowded rooms. I had a follow up adjustment a few weeks after I got them and she was able to adjust them.”

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